Mom and Dad decided we’d go to the French and Spanish rivieras with their longtime friends, Alex and Bernadette Inkeles.   Alex was a sociologist at Harvard at the time.   The Inkeles and my mother had become friends decades earlier at Cornell.   The Inkeles located a small castle in the French town of Bormes-les-Mimosas, near Nice, and we rented that for a month, then on to a hacienda in Spain near Barcelona.   At the beginning of the trip, Dad visited Russia to get atmosphere for his novel, The Fixer, while Mom, Janna, and I spent two weeks in a small and un-air-conditioned hotel in the heat of Rome.   We finally all gathered in Bormes.   The Inkeles’ daughter, Ann, had just graduated from high school.   I had graduated from the same high school, so the trip was celebratory.   This is a photo of Mom, Bernadette, and Ann in front of the Park Guell in Barcelona.   I loved the trip -- I left Bormes at the end of July to spend a week in Paris by myself, and then joined family in Spain.


In the summer of 1965,