Hi, my name is Paul Francis Malamud.   That’s me, on the left, 50 years ago.

This Web site is dedicated to my parents, Ann and Bern Malamud.   When Dad knew we were going to Italy in 1956, he bought or borrowed a Leica 35 mm camera with a fine lens.   By doing so, he preserved some of the story of our travels in Italy over the next year in beautiful color.   There I am on the left, in 4th grade and visiting Assisi with Dad.   My sister,  Janna, was in kindergarden.   Right:   Mom and Dad on the Spanish Steps, Easter, 1957.

Italy was very different from our home in Corvallis, Oregon.   We went because Dad, who was teaching English at Oregon State, got a sabbatical year and a Guggenheim grant to travel.   Mom, whose maiden name was DeChiara, came from an Italian family in Naples.   So it was a logical destination.